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Treasured Memories.

Slide, Negative and Photo Scanning Service.

We Scan Your Slides. We Scan Your Photo's. We Scan Your Negatives.
If thats what your searching for we can oblige.


"Someone said that God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December."
J M Barrie

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! Floods Damage Your Photographs !

Protect your Old Photos by Scanning to USB.
How Many Treasured Memories have been Damaged recently by Flood Water.
 Treasured Memories offer a Safer alternative. 
Scan them to DVD Now !
About Treasured Memories. Beware of imitations.

Since Treasured Memories ss Ltd started in Business more than 10 years ago, many have tried to copy us.
They have matched our prices, copied our offers and products, they use similar equipment.
They have even used our special name of Treasured Memories, but what they have not been able to copy is our skill, our very special customer service, our personal care and our commitment to providing you, our customers the best quality possible at a great price.


We scan at 4000dpi as standard, Digital ICE on colour slides and negatives as standard, we balance each image in Adobe Photoshop as Standard. We scan everything individually by hand not through feeders, as standard.


What We Offer.

Scan Slides

We offer a complete scanning service, for your Slides Negatives and Photographs. We provide high resolution scanning, and each image is then balanced, cropped and orientated in Adobe Photoshop. We remove all red eye, lighten dark images and we scan each item by hand, we do not use batch feeders that can damage or even destroy your older photo's and transparencies.               

We can scan your images at high quality onto a USB or (CD or DVD), or a Portable Hard Drive. Scanning all types of media including Aps, Film, 110 Film, 126, Film35mm, Medium Format, Glass Slides and Prints up to A4. We also specialise in producing professional Slideshows with music, using Photodex Pro Show Producer, these are not just fade to next picture shows, they can have movement, zooming, panning multiple images and fabulous transitions between each image.


Scan Medium Format Slides and Negatives

   We use state of the art Nikon scanners for all slides, transparencies and negatives. Canon,
  and Epson Perfection Pro scanners are used for scanning your photographs.  We scan at
  4000dpi for your slides and negatives and at 1200dpi for your photo prints.  

Our prices are very competitive and we  believe our customer service is second  to none. Many of our customers come back to us time after time until all their materials have been digitised. We have completed orders for Professional Photographers, the Imperial War Museum, Printers, Councils, Other Scanning Companies, Artists, Sculptors, Designers even a Hollywood Director and of course many ordinary families.

Go to our Scanning Prices Page for Negatives and Slides and our Scanning Price Page for Photographs, for Information on our Slideshows go to our Slideshow Prices Page.

Take a few minutes to read through our web pages and see what we can offer you, you will find Technical Information and Advice and our Address and contact details with a dedicated Prices Page for Scanning Slides and Negatives, Prints and Producing a Slideshow. If you need further advice or information do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 2870212, we are always happy to answer your questions

Treasured Memories is a professional business, dedicated to delivering a top quality product and outstanding customer service at great prices. Established in 2005, we are now one of the leading UK companies in this field. Our aim is to provide a service for customers who need to know that their requirements are important and will be met or exceeded and that their Treasured Photographs Slides and negatives will be handled with extreme care, respect and total privacy. We always maintain our quality on every job ewe do. W have handled orders ranging from 1 to over 28.000, images and each image was given our full professional attention. We are always happy to discuss your requirements on the telephone and if we make a prmise we always keep it. Each Photograph, Slide or Negative is dealt with individually. Our Staff check the results of every scan and will often scan more than once to ensure that the best possible result has been achieved. At Treasured Memories we also crop, clean, colour correct & remove red eye from every photographic image.


Mike our Slideshow Producer has built many hundreds of Slideshow's and every one is individual. Each one is built around your particular photographs, theme and music. See what our customers say about us! Testimonials. We are very proud of our customers comments and believe they say more about us than this page ever could.

Our Staff !

We have a small group of up to 4 people working on your Treasured Memories, Our staff are well trained and totally dedicated to producing the best quality images from your originals. They are always happy to go the extra mile in order to ensure our customers service and quality output are maintained, your testimonials mean a great deal to all our employee's

Our Technology !

Although we are a small business, we are not small on technology. We use only the best Hardware and Software on the market and consistently invest in new equipment to ensure that you the customer get the best possible results, from your images. Since 2005 Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd has invested heavily in new Equipment and Software so that we can continue to bring you the customer the highest quality products at the best price possible. New Nikon 9000 scanners, APS and Film Roll scanning have recently been added to our range of products.

Our Equipment

Computers !

We use high quality, custom built computers with super fast processors and large amounts of memory, in order to perform the scanning at speeds that most home computers could never match, this allows us to keep our prices low and our quality high.

Scanning Slides & Negatives !

We use only the best. Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 & 5000 Scanners with built in Digital ICE4, Digital Dee, Digital ROC & Digital GEM cleaning and correction software to scan your slides. With our Premier Service we scan all slides and Negatives at 4000dpi, Larger Superslides we use our Nikon 9000, we can even scan Medical Slides, Microscope Slides, Roll Film and APS Film. We also offer a reduced level of Service for Slides and Negatives.

Scanning Photographs !

We use different scanners for Photographs, including: Microtek, Canon and HP, with FARE Level 3 and Digital ICE software to scan your photographs, at 1200dpi, only a small number of scanning companies offer this level of detail.

Image Correction !

When it comes to photo correction we use the best available, Top of the range software, to complete the cleaning, correction and colour restoration of your photographic images.

The Slideshow !

Photodex Pro-Show Producer is our choice when it comes to producing your Slideshow. This software is used by professionals all over the world.

USB's and Discs
When Burning to Disc ! We put your images onto a high quality printed disc, we now recommend (We now put Scans on a USB or Hard Drive, but Slideshows are still provided on DVD
-R, never Long or extended Play, this reduces the quality in order to get more pictures on the disc.
Photodex, Nero and Roxio software are used to burn your completed DVD onto top quality Printable DVD-R's, other types of disc are available including DVD+R, DVD-RAM. We will always attempt to burn a DVD that will play on your DVD Player.


Our Guarantee !

We guarantee to respond to your questions and concerns all the time we have your materials in our possession and even after the DVD's/CD's are returned. If there are any problems with our product we guarantee to replace it without question. We pride ourselves in our Product and our Customer Service, over 30% of our work is repeat business or recommendation from our previous customers. Our testimonials pages are a testament to our high level of quality and superb customer service.

We believe that you will not find this Product, Quality and Level of Service at the price we charge anywhere else, we constantly check our uk web competitors to ensure that we are always offering a top level service at the right price.

Some competitors claim lower scanning prices, but when you add in the Digital ICE, High Resolution Scanning, Return Postage, Additional Discs, Colour Correction etc, you will find that the price has often doubled from the original quote.