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Questions ?

Below is a Listing of questions relating to our DVD SlideShow Service. It is hoped that they can answer many query that you may have. For Information, In general the word Photograph when used on these Pages refers to a Printed Photograph, 35MM Slide or a Negative of any size.

1.Are my Pictures Treated With Confidentially.

Yes. Only the person Scanning, correcting your Photographs, the Producer of the Slide Show and the final Quality Checker will see your photographs. In most cases this is the same person. After 28 days all images are electronically destroyed by a method that makes them un-retrievable even by experts. We will never share your images with anyone for any reason. We will never use your photographs in any of our advertising material. See our Privacy Statement for further Information.

2. Are DVD's Region Coded?.

No. Our DVD Discs are not region coded and will play on any PAL TV through most DVD Players in Europe. We can also produce a DVD in NTSC Format (USA) if required.

3. Can I have Text on My Slideshow?

Yes. You can select to have Text on a particular Photograph for example a Date or Place Name. You can also opt for a Full Slide of Text to precede a Slide for example to give a history of the next photo or group of Photos. The Cost is displayed on our Products and Prices Page. You can also specify how long the text will be displayed on your Photograph.

4. Can I have Black and White Photographs as well as Colour on a Slideshow?

Yes. You can have Black and White and Colour on the same DVD or just Black and White or just Colour. It's up to You. You can also mix negatives, slides an Photographs.

5. Can I advance through the Slideshow manually ?

No. But you can fast forward and reverse.

6. Can Mix Photos Slides and Negatives on a Slideshow ?


7. What is your Process when Scanning Slides, Negatives and Photographs?

We scan by hand not through feeders.

We scan Slides and Negatives at 4000dpi.

We scan Photo’s at 1200 dpi.

We can scan as TIF or JPEG as Required.

We balance every image in Photoshop, Colour, Tone, Sharpness.

We take out Red Eye as a matter of course.

We output as JPEG or TIF.

We output onto USB, CD-R or DVD-R.

8. Can I put Photos onto DVD Myself ?

Yes. You can there are many software applications available at prices from about fifty to many hundreds of pounds, that allow you to put a Slide Show together and play it on your Television. Treasured Memories use one of the highest quality software applications on the market, allowing us to zoom and pan your image, we can zoom in at x 500 to display those little things that are not normally noticed when viewing photograph. We also provide a free cleaning and colour correction service and removal of red eye on your photographs, slides & negatives prior to putting them onto the DVD. On completion this is not just a series of photographs it is a truly entertaining Slideshow that will be the envy of your family and friends. However, you can do this yourself.

9. Can I say what order my Images will be Scanned or put onto the Slideshow?

Yes. If you send them by Post you must put them into the order and mark them on the back with pencil and secure them with a band. If sending them by E-Mail just number the images in the order you have selected and tell us that you would like to preserve this order. Many people find that a random order is best as a long line of similar photographs can be tiresome. However, the choice is yours. Do not mark your photographs with ink or felt tip pen, this can destroy the photograph beneath it.

10. Can I have more than one Music Track on my DVD ?

Yes. You can have more than 1. We normally display a photograph for approx. 10 seconds and there is a 2 second transition between each photograph. So, if you estimate the time of the music and the length of your slide Show you can work out how many music tracks you can have. The slideshow and music will be made to end at the same time, this may mean that some slides are slightly longer than the time chosen.

11. Can I order Copies after I have seen my DVD or USB.

Yes. We keep your Slideshow on Computer for 28 days after we have sent it back to you, unless you have requested us not to. You can order additional copies up to this time, at the current cost displayed in our price list.

12. Do you provide Refunds?

No. Not once we have returned the work. If in the unlikely event there was a Technical Fault with our production DVD, we will redo it and any copies. All DVD’s including copies are viewed end to end prior to dispatch to ensure perfect quality.

13. How do I send Images and Music to Treasure Memories ?

Send your Printed Photographs, 35mm Slide or Negatives and your Music CD by Post:

If you have chosen to send us Printed Photos and a Music CD using the Postal Service send them in a secure parcel preferably by registered post to the address below.

Treasured-Memories Slide Show Services Ltd

1 Kempton Road



LS25 7NT

It is best if 35mm Slides are boxed or secured with elastic band.

14. How Many Images can I have on a Slideshow ?

You can have approx. 200 to 250 images on 1 slideshow, it is possible to put a very small number above this, but because we scan photos and slides at very high resolutions and output the DVD at the Highest possible Quality, the disc is very near full at this point. In addition, a 250-image slide show will last almost 1 hour, this is on the edge of what is considered the ideal time for a photographic slideshow. You will find some services offering to put up to 1000 images on a slideshow, they can only do this at the cost of the final output quality. We never sacrifice our quality for the sake of quantity.

15. How do I pay for My Work ?

Unless you have agreed to pay part payment or upfront payment we will send and invoice with completed order, you can pay by direct transfer, a cheque or we can send a Pay Pal Invoice if required.

16. How long do DVD's last for ?

It is believed that they could last for up to 100 years, however this will depend on the use and how they are cared for. DVD's should be stored in their case and handled with care, do not handle or allow to become scratched on the surface of the Disc, do not let water onto the printed side of the Disc, as this can cause it to smudge.

17. How should I Package my Images ?

Please send your Photos and Music CD's in a suitable package like a padded jiffy bag marked Fragile, Photographs Do Not Bend. We recommend inserting cardboard and or bubble-wrap to help protect your photographs whilst in the post. 35MM Slides Should be Boxed where possible.

18. How long will the Slideshow Play For ?

This depends on the number of photographs you want on each DVD. 100 images will last about 30 minutes for 150 photographs. 50 Photographs would last about 10 minutes. We can alter this to suite your needs

19. How long is each Photo on Display ?

We can put them on screen for as long as you like (subject to the disc size). We recommend about 10 seconds. With Treasured Memories the photograph is zoomed and panned into position to produce a more professional effect.

20. How long does it take to complete my order ?

We endeavour to complete an average (250 Photographs) within 15 working Days. Larger orders will need to be estimated when providing the quote.

21. Is my DVD Compatible with the DVD You Produce ?

We provide your Slide Show on a top-quality DVD-R Format Disc. We have found this is the most compatible, working on over 90% of current DVD players. Check this Link, at Video Help.Com to see if your player is compatible with DVD-R. In addition, you can check out to read about all DVD Formats including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM.

We can also provide your Slideshow on a DVD+R these work on approx. 70% of current DVD players. In some instances, it is possible to play a DVD-R on one player and have slight defects occur and when played on another it works fine. In general, the DVD we supply will work on most Players purchased over the last 3 to 4 years. If you have requested and watched our Sample DVD your DVD will be compatible.

22. I have my Photographs on a CD why should I choose a DVD Slideshow?

The quality of a DVD over a CD is very noticeable. In addition, a Treasured Memories Slideshow is a much more professional way to display your memories than from a plain CD from an everyday Slideshow presenter.

23. Isn’t the Music Copyright ?

As long as you own the CD's of the Music Tracks you want, then we can put it onto your Slide Show. It will be classed as fair use, if you ask us to provide the music, we will purchase a CD for you and return it with your DVD and Photographs for the additional cost displayed in our price list. We also have Royalty Free Music.

24. What Music can I have on my Slideshow ?

Music Tracks of your choice can be added for no extra charge if you send your CD by Post. Providing that you own the CD and it is not a copy. We can also purchase a single CD of your choice and use this. The CD will be returned to you with your DVD and Photographs.

25. What will my Slideshow be like?

Your Slide Show is a continuous presentation of your photographs, we can also pan around the photograph and zoom into specific features, people or groups (where applicable). Between each photograph there is a transition (where one photograph ends and the next one begins). These Transitions also add to the professionalism of the show. A Slide Show can be paused on screen and continued by using your DVD Control. If supported by your DVD you can also zoom into a particular photograph. If in doubt ask for a Sample DVD to be sent to you.

26. What is Colour Correction and Photo Repair ?

Quite Simply Colour Correction is a process that your photographs are put through Free of Charge to bring back the original colour and Sparkle that was there when you first decided to take the Photo. We will also remove Red Eye Free of Charge. In many cases like below they are even better than when first developed.

27. Can You just Scan Images for use on a Computer ?

Yes. We provide a complete scanning service and will scan your Photographs, Slides or Negatives onto a Disc, CD-R or DVD-R, depending on the size of the order. These are scanned at our highest resolution and all the normal cropping and correction is provided within the service. We can scan these in JPEG and or TIF format and can deal with Photographs, Slides, 35mm and Medium Format Negatives. We can also put your images onto a Hard Drive.

28. What discs do you Use ?

We will record your Slideshow onto a high-quality Printable DVD-R Format Disc, these are usually compatible with most DVD Players. We can also produce it in DVD+R Format. This format sometimes works in a player that will not play a DVD-R Disc. We can also produce the Slideshow on DVD-RAM Discs Format, these are compatible with some of the new Panasonic players. If possible please check your DVD Player Instruction Manual, it should tell you if your player is compatible with DVD-R or DVD+R. It may state DVD-R/RW, or DVD+R/RW this is also compatible. For Tuscany 50 Customers we use Printable Discs DVD-R or CD-R depending on the size of the order.

29. Will my Photographs be in the same condition when you return them ?

Yes. Our process does not have any effect on your original Photographs, 35MM Slides or Negatives. We do not use Automatic Feeders, providing you have packaged them in a secure method and have followed our Instructions, they will remain undamaged. When scanning your photos and Slides our staff wear latex gloves when handling your photos or slides to ensure that we do not put fingerprints or other marks on your images. We use Royal Mail Recorded Delivery to return your photographs.

30. What Size can my Images be ?

Photographs can be any size up to A4. We also scan many different types of slide, even the 127 Super slide. Our scanners can handle 35mm and many of the Medium Format slides like 120, 4 x 5, for more information on sizes please check our Technical Help Page.

31. What if when I get my DVD. it won't play on my DVD Player ?

All our Slideshow and Scans are quality tested and viewed on Computer or DVD Players prior to dispatch, if your new DVD will not play on your DVD try it on another player to see if it is working OK. If you believe there is a fault with the Disc you can send it back for us to test. We do not offer refunds once the disc has been cut unless there is valid. Complaint on our workmanship. If the fault is ours we will gladly cut another disc for you.