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Treasured Memories.

Slide, Negative and Photo Scanning Service.
We scan all types and sizes of Slides, negatives and prints.

When Time, who steals our years away
shall steal our pleasures Too.
The memory of the past will stay
and half our joys renew

 Thomas Moore 1779-1852 

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What We Do.

Treasured Memories Slideshow Services Ltd, provide a Professional Scanning service for your Photographs, Slides, Negatives, Medium Format Media, Glass Slides, APS Film; Roll Film and Disc Film.
We scan each image individually onto Hard Drive or USB. With Premier Service they are all balanced and cropped and Red Eye is removed. 
We can also produce fabulous DVD Slideshow that will play on your TV through your DVD player

We have handled orders from 1 to over 28,000 images. We have completed work for a Hollywood Director, World Renowned Sculptor, Preservation Societies, National Trust, Local Councils Other Scanning Companies, Famous Professional Photographers, we were even commissioned to scan images of the Crown Jewels,  and of course everyday family photos are our most often scanned items.


We scan images individually, we don't use feeders that damage photographs and Slides, we use top of the range dedicated scanners and we have great pride in our product and service. Our aim is to provide you with a top quality product, excellent customer service and great value for money. 


To Order your Slides, Photos or Negatives Scanned, simply send them to us and contact us to detail your requirement.

Compare us to others but consider these points :- 

Our Premier Service is second to none. With a Premier Scanning Orders: We scan 35mm slides and negatives at 4000dpi on Nikon Scanners and Photos at 1200dpi on Epson Perfection and Cannon Flatbed Scanners. We return your materials by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery/Courier, Free of Charge on all orders over 400 images subject to weight. We Remove Dust & Scratches with Digital ICE, on Photo's, Slides and Negatives. We crop, colour balance, lighten dark images and remove Red Eye on all your images. Every Image is worked on individually not put through feeders, to ensure best quality and no damage. 

We can scan all types of Slides and Negatives, including scanning 35mm slides, Medium Format Slides and Medium Format Negatives are scanned, small 110 slides and square 126 slides, we can scan Super Slides even odd sized slides. We scan Glass Slides, and can also scan Glass Negatives, if its a slide or a negative we can scan it.


In Addition for Slideshow Orders: We Produce a Professional Slideshow (not just fade to next slide).  We Add your Music to your Slideshow Free of Charge. Your JPEG images are put onto your DVD disc so you can load them onto a computer and we personalise the Disc and the Case Cover.


We Guarantee our work and our customer service 100%, if for any reason you are not satisfied please tell us and we will put it right.

Our Processes

Treasured Memories never cut corners. Our Processes have been developed over many years, to ensure that we deliver a perfect production every time. We scan slides & Negatives at 4000dpi, on dedicated Nikon Scanners, these are superior to flatbed scanners and produce the best results possible. We scan photographs on some of the best scanners on the market at a resolution of 1200dpi. We employ Digital ICE4 dust and scratch removal software on all slides and negatives and use multi-sampling and other software to achieve the original scan. We then balance your images using Photoshop CS3, removing red eye and minor flaws, as we go. We use Photodex Pro Show Producer to create the Slideshow, we keep your images on screen for 10 seconds and and burn the final show onto high quality DVD-R personalised printed disc, your DVD has a full size case and personalised case cover. We always keep your images in the order you require, and if requested will create file names to suite you requirements. We even give you a free copy of your Slideshow and return your images Free of Charge.

Our 15 Point Promise to You.

We will always respond to your questions even at weekends.

Treasured Memories will confirm receipt of your order.

Treasured Memories do not use Auto Feeders.

Prints are scanned at 1200dpi.

Slides and Negatives are scanned at 4000dpi.

Digital ICE is used at all times.

Images can be kept in order.

Every image will be worked in photoshop to remove minor flaws and red eye.

Treasured Memories only uses High Quality Materials.

All Slideshows are watched prior to dispatch.

All Scanned images are test copied prior to dispatch.

Your originals are kept in the same order they arrived in.

We always return your Originals by Signed-for Delivery.

Treasured Memories always responds if you have a problem.

Treasured Memories Guarantee our Work and Products.

To Order a Slideshow simply check the products that you want and contact us for details.

Read what CF of London said about us after scanning 15000 slides in April 2008. 

"I sent Treasured Memories a life time of photography captured on 15,000 slides. Turning them into a digital record was a very major undertaking. You could forgive a company for 'switching off' and churning them out on a production line. Instead what I got was a remarkable piece of work, with every image carefully considered and individually adjusted, by people who really cared and who came to feel like friends for the enthusiasm and interest they showed in talking through, planning and executing the project. If you're looking for people to convert your slides, look no further. They're here - really!"
CF London April 2008.