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UK Scanning Service - Treasured Memories.

Scanning Phtographs, Slides and Negatives, Order Progress.

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Treasured Memories.


Convert Your Slides, Negatives or Photographs to Digital.

We Scan your Slides @4000dpi

Any Problems with your order, just call us on
0113 2870212


E-mail Mike at Treasured Memories.


When you order Your Slides, Negatives or Photo's scanned by Treasured Memoriesyou will be given an order number, the list below will let you know where your order is in our process.

Please note that order numbers are allocated at time of ordering, work starts on the job in order that they arrive and the scanner needed is free, not always the lowest order number.
Your can also check out your order on twitter.

Updated on the 09/02/2020
Once Treasured Memories receive your order you can check its progress below.

EL Your USB was posted today 8/01/2020
MH Your work will be posted back on Monday 13/01/2020

C180055 RM Scanning
C180075 CD Balancing

C180074 MW Completed

C180064.1 AH Scanning

C180054.1 PM Scanning
C160388.8 RM Balancing

C160322 AV MFN Scanning
C190001 IL Arrived Safely
C170500 HS Arrived Safely
C180068 MJ Arrived Safely
C190004 LJ Scanning
C190006 AC Scanning
C170021.3 Scanning
C190007 IR Awaiting Delivery
C190003 PJ Awaiting Delivery
C190005 AK Awaiting Delivery
C180017 PL Awaiting Delivery
C180071 PH Awaiting Delivery


C180066 EL Completed Posted

C190006 GD Completed Posted

C180073 CG Completed Posted

C170323 MH Completed
C180078 LG Completed Posted

C180068 MJ Completed Collected

C180062 AW Completed Posted

C180070 ZT Completed Posted

C180041 JH Completed Posted

C180064 AH Completed Posted

C180075 JT Completed Posted

C180054 PM Completed Posted

C180066 LL Competed Posted

C180061 BG Completed Posted

C180024 MA Completed Posted

C180042 AL Completed Posted

C180056 KW Completed Posted

C180051 ML Completed Posted

C180041 MW Completed Posted

C180026 RT Completed Posted

C180024 MA P Completed Collected

C180052 JF Completed Posted

C180050 MG Completed Posted

C180023 AS N Completed Posted

C180005 JB Completed Posted

C180057 TT Completed Posted


C180043 JL Awaiting Delivery

C180029 MS Awaiting Delivery

C180044 SD Awaiting Delivery

C180047 PR Awaiting Delivery

C180046 RP Awaiting Delivery

C180048 VC Awaiting Delivery

C180049 EPT Awaiting Delivery

C180047 PR Awaiting Delivery

C180027 RG Awaiting Delivery

C180051 RW Awaiting Delivery

C180054 PM Awaiting Delivery

C180065 MS Awaiting Delivery

Current Completion Times: .......

Small Orders under 500 10 to 15 Working Days

Larger Orders over 500 15+ Working Days.

Ask if you have a deadline for your work.


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