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Treasured Memories Scanning Prices..

Discounts up to 10% on Larger Orders.
Minimum Discount 5%

On Orders over 1000
Ask About our UpFront Payment Discounts.
Larger Volume over 1000?
No Problem, Fix the Price.
Receive and Pay for Batches Monthly.

Request a Quote Now.


New Service Repair and Colour See Photo Repair


Call us on 0113 2870212 or Email 
 Our Premier (Best) Photograph Scanning Service !
First 50 Images Scanned @.1200 dpi.......Now Only £26.00


Additional Images over 50... Now Only £0.25 Pence Each. 


1.0 Individual Scanning (No Feeders) @ a High 1200 dpi.
2.0 Digital Dust and Scratch Reduction.
3.0 Individual Colour Correction.
4.0 Manual Balancing in Adobe Photoshop.
      Contrast, Colour, Tone, Levels, Shadows & Highlights.
5.0 Further Reduction of stubborn marks where possible.
6.0 Individual Red Eye Removal.
7.0 Orientated, Cropped & Output as JPEG or File Type of your Choice.
8.0 High Quality Personalised CD or DVD and Case Cover
9.0 Free Postage on Premier Orders over 400 Images, or as Quote/Cost..


For orders under 50 Please ask for a Quote! 


 Additional Services :

Additional Handling Charge Photographs                                        For Photos in Frames and Albums........................£0.20. Pence Each.

Reduced File Size Copy (Easy Use) …..............£7.50. Per Job. 

Dual Scanning TIF and JPEG.                                                                   Scanned as 16 Bit TIF Files + JPEG Copy……....….....£0.25 Pence Each. 

Additional Copies of Disc, (Printed).....…...........…£4.00 Per Disc  
Please note large orders will have multiple discs.

Postage on Qualifying Orders @ As Quote or Actual Cost.

Collection Service @ £12.00 per package............£12.00 Each.

We can have your slides and negatives printed at various sizes. Please note that Square images have to be printed square to ensure we hold the correct perspective.

Sizes we can print at include......

5 x 3.75 - 6 x 4 - 6 x 4.5 

5 X 5 - 8 X 8

7 x 5 - 7.5 x 5
8 x 6 - 9 x 6 - 10 x 7 - 10 x 8 - 12 x 5 - 12 x 8 - A4 - 12 X 10 - 15 X 10
We use professional printers to reproduce your images.
Prices vary dependant on Volume and Size please ask for a price.


Professional Slideshow of Your Scans.

See Slideshow Prices Click Here.

Hard Drives and Media Centers.

See our Hard Drive Prices Click Here.

Please Note:  Discounts apply to scanning costs only, they are not applied to VHS, DVD, Hard Drives, Collection Services etc.


We May beat any verifiable comparable quote !

We Guarantee our work and customer service 100%, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know we will put it right. See our testimonials pages to read what our customers say about our work.  Click Here .





Current Completion Times are:

Small Orders under 500/ 15 to 20 Working Days.

Larger Orders over 500/ 20 + Working Days.

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